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Investment Bundle Start your Small Business




About the Course

You will learn Business 101-102, what is a business owners role, how to setup and structure your business, funding resources, how to build business credit, business planning, business formation, information regarding licensing, trademarking (trademarks), copyrights, EIN numbers & bank accounts & more. This class is power packed with knowledge that will help you setup up your small business the legal way in any state. One on one coaching and mentorship is available thereafter. This class does not include the cost that is associated with your state to set your business up, but it is the class for you if you are looking to start, grow and scale your business and need guidance. Knowledge and insight from small business owner Meighan regarding how she has ran a successful transportation business for 12 years, and how her and her family has ran a successful food truck business for 3 years.

Your Instructor

Meighan Cole

Meighan Cole

Meighan Cole is a mother, serial entrepreneur, a van trucking fleet owner, co-owner of a family food truck, life & business coach, going From Foster Care to CEO.
My Vision is to Coach more women, aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs on how to become successful, through trainings, workshops, courses and small business development in the highly lucrative industry of transportation. Meighan wants to empower women to take back their power and do more to leave a generational wealth transfer to their families! With over 20 years in the logistics field, 10 years of coaching experience, Meighan is sure to get you on the right path.

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