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How to build a Six Figure Van Trucking/ Food Truck Business E-Book

How to build a Six Figure Van Trucking/ Food Truck Business E-Book


This is a comprehensive van trucking & food truck ebook for the aspiring entrepreneur, the beginner entrepreneur that wants to become a van trucking owner operator or start their own business from scartch.


In this informative ebook you will learn the Trucking Business & Van Trucking Transportation business. You will learn what is a business owners role in transportation, how to setup and structure your business, how to get funding for your business, how to build business credit, business profits, business planning break down, business formation & ideas to consider, licensing, trademarking (trademarks), copyrights, EIN numbers & bank accounts. How to grow and scale your business, breaking down partnerships and collaboration for the win on bigger contracts, referrals to resources that will keep your business doors open to capture your ideal client base.


This ebook is power packed with knowledge that will help you setup up your small van- trucking & food truck business today.


In this e-book you will learn how a family started their six figure food trucking business. How to earn over 100k per year as a professional caterer & food truck owner, accelerate the process by grabbing TIHH E-Book.


Ma Maw's Kitchen co-owner will break down how to start your food truck, licensing and policies and procedures. This e-book is power packed with information and leads to get your food truck business off the ground successfully & expeditiously. INCLUDED with our E-Books you will get an one on one hour consultation with van trucking coach Meighan. With Meighan expertise and guidance you'll be on the road before you know it.


Leads on where to purchase your food trucks, builders & more!


This E-book does not include the cost that is associated with your state to set your business up, but it is the book for you if you are looking to start, grow and scale your small van trucking business and need step by step guidance.

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