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Welcome to Trucking in High Heels, a networking and advocacy group dedicated to empowering and supporting female professional drivers and industry workers.


Trucking is an industry traditionally dominated by men, but here at Trucking in High Heels, our mission is to increase visibility and bring together the talented, entrepreneurial women who are working hard and making a difference in the industry.


We offer a variety of educational and networking events, both in-person and online, that provide members with an exclusive platform to share their knowledge and experience, challenge the status quo, and build lasting relationships with fellow industry professionals.


Whether you’re an office-based professional or an owner operator, Trucking in High Heels will provide you with the support and resources you need to advance your career and take advantage of exciting new opportunities. 


We seek to inspire and support women aging out of foster care women who are interested in beginning their businesses through a network that is creative, and collaborative as well as serves as a positive force for change in the community!


To cultivate and create opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and owner operators that want to get into the van trucking industry.

To empower, educate and mentor them into becoming successful entrepreneurs and small business owner's.

At Trucking in High Heels, we are passionate about helping women from all walks of life learn about entrepreneurship, self care in business and life skills through our leadership, educational workshops, coaching and mentorship programs.

Our exclusive members-only forum provides a safe, welcoming space for you to ask questions, share your experiences and advocate for change within the industry. We also have engaging and informative webinars, mentorship opportunities and much more.


Through our network of passionate female drivers and industry workers, Trucking in High Heels creates an inspiring and supportive community that celebrates your achievements while providing an unparalleled platform to learn and grow.

By joining our organization, you’ll become part of a powerful movement that is fighting for equal representation in the trucking industry and is committed to helping you reach your goals.


From building meaningful relationships to finding new opportunities, Trucking in High Heels provides the resources you need to create the career you deserve. So join us today and let’s shape the future of the trucking industry together.


Access one-on-one assistance and mentorship to quickly learn how to achieve your goals.

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Learn everything you need to know to start your own small business. Learn how to become  a van trucking owner operator at your own pace.


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Meighan Cole is an amazing business coach. I did not even know I had a product or an idea  for a business. This woman inspires vision and her coaching style is so effortless that you don't even know that you're being coached. Meighan sees into her clients potential more than they see in themselves. She plants amazing seeds and tends the soil while she watches them grow. My company started in my kitchen and became a toddler sitting in here as we continue to grow...Divine!!


- Lisa

Shannon Website FC2CEO photo.jpg

I was very pleased with the way that you put together my website. It looks extremely professional, and I have gotten numerous compliments on the appearance, structure, and overall function of the website. I definitely do recommend your services to others who are looking to create their website. 5-star rating!!!

- Shannon


Many times, it takes a while to build a relationship with your coach, but my first meeting with Meighan boosted my confidence about our family-owned business. She listened to my needs and gave suggestions that I took to heart. Because of her excitement and giving heart, I've been able to secure a place for our business at Gurnee Mills Mall.  She was able to point me in the right direction when it came to looking for grants and loans, explained the financials for running a successful business, and was even a listening ear when my aunt passed. To me Meighan is more than a coach, she's a leader, and for that I am grateful. Not only for all that she does for me, but for what she does for so many others!

- Dorothy Williams

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