About Us  



Meighan Cole believes that women should be accepted and looked after, not looked down on and frowned upon. Having firsthand knowledge of what it's like to feel rejected and unaccepted as a female trucker in the industry, she founded Trucking in High Heels (TIHH) to provide a safe haven, resources, empowerment, inspiration, and education to aspiring female entrepreneurs. TIHH is for women interested in the trucking industry, and women who are in the industry already. Meighan, a former foster child and woman who has faced and overcome many obstacles in life, is also determined through TIHH to give back to underserved communities and help others move beyond their past, overcome obstacles, and keep trucking.

As a Certified Small Business Coach and Life Coach, Meighan is passionate about teaching others how to start, build, grow, and scale their businesses. Meighan started in the logistics industry over 20 years ago as a dispatcher for a large company. In 2012, she started her own transportation company after her grandmother suffered a debilitating stroke. With her family constantly struggling to find consistent transportation to take her grandmother to and from appointments in her rural hometown and noticing that other patients like her grandmother struggled finding accessibility to their appointments as well, Meighan saw a need and became determined to fulfill it. To date, Meighan's transportation company has provided over 115,000 rides to persons with disabilities, veterans and children. 


As a result of transitioning from full-time corporate employee to an full-time small business owner, Meighan, a single mother gained the freedom to be more present in her children's lives and watch them grow and flourish. She also learned that the transportation industry can be lucrative and lead to financial freedom if taken seriously. Meighan eagerness, community driven and determined  personality learned how to scale, build, and grow her business to leave her children with generational wealth & knowledge. She is now assisting other women to do the same. 


Anthony Bailey brings over 15 years of merchandising and warehouse experience, working with vendors such as Menards, Cisco, Kraft and M&M. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, he attended Tulsa Community College and studied business management. During his time in college, he catered events for several colleges in the surrounding area. Certified as a food handler, Anthony has always dreamed of opening his own family restaurant establishment. Anthony is passionate about helping people and serving his community. He is presently the Fleet Manager and handles operations for CTMH Transportation & Ma Maw's Kitchen LLC.


Christopher Martin brings over 8 years of restaurant experience. He spent most of his younger years working at Rib Inn and Allison BBQ, both based in Chicago, Illinois. Christopher learned how to cook, prep and work the cash register for both establishments. Christopher also has several years of management experience, including previously working as a manager at CDT Transportation LLC in Chicago, Illinois for over 15 years. Christopher is presently a Fleet Manager and handles operations for CTMH Transportation & Ma Maw's Kitchen LLC.



Through a supportive community, coaching, mentorship, classes, retreats, workshops, and events, Trucking in High Heels is creating opportunities for women in the trucking industry to feel safe, heard, accepted, inspired, and empowered to build generational wealth and a legacy for their families. With our proven methods for building a successful fleet and comprehensive curriculum that teaches our clients how to earn $500 - $1000 per day, we are preparing and equipping women to enter, grow, and succeed in the 800 billion dollar male dominated trucking industry. From classes on business structuring to licensing, insurances and registrations, and selecting the right van or truck, as well as one-on-one coaching and mentorship, Trucking in High Heels is a one-stop shop for women of all walks of life to get the education, guidance, and assistance needed to start their own trucking business, increase their income, and gain the freedom to spend more time with their families and doing what they love. As giving back to underserved communities is also part of our mission, Trucking in High Heels allocates a portion of our profits to assist youth in the foster care system and to empower incarcerated mothers with children in the foster care system.