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Hey Babes! My name is Meighan Cole, From Foster Care to CEO.


A MWBE (Woman Owned Minority Certified) small business (fleet) owner, certified small business advisor, author and life coach, I am passionate about empowering others on how to start, build, grow, and scale their businesses.  I started in the logistics industry over 20 years ago as a router and dispatcher for a large company. In my Corporate America career, I worked for a large corporation in their financial services and major accounts business department. Until 2011 when life took a turn for my family.

In 2012, I started my own transportation company after my grandmother suffered a debilitating stroke. With my family constantly struggling to find consistent transportation to take my grandmother to and from appointments in our rural hometown, I noticed that other elderly people like my grandmother struggled with finding accessibility to critical appointments. I saw a need and became determined to fulfill it.

To date, our transportation company provides over 55,000 rides annually to veterans, elderly, children and persons with disabilities. 

Since 2018, I have successfully assisted more than 20 entrepreneurs with starting or scaling up their small businesses.

As a result of transitioning from full-time corporate employee to a full-time small business owner, a single mother. I gained the freedom to be more present in my children's lives to watch them grow and flourish. I also learned that the transportation industry could be very lucrative and lead to financial freedom if you don't bite off more than you can chew.

Though I failed tremendously in the beginning. I took my power back, began my healing journey and I prayed about my vision, got serious about my purpose and started to leverage my years of knowledge, mistakes, experience and successes to help other women and single mothers like myself the ropes of how to become successful business owners.

My children are my greatest inspiration and never wanting them to experience foster care, or feel abandoned. I decided to be the woman to carry the torch, to leave them with a head start for their future, to provide generational wealth and to break passed down generational curses.


With Fearless, Courageous Women in Mind Trucking In High Heels was born.

My motto, Hey Sis, Keep Trucking Babes no matter the obstacle! If you woke up another day with breath in your body, that is a new day that you can put one foot forth and “KEEP TRUCKING BABES”

I believe that every woman and young girl deserves a chance and should be accepted and looked after, not looked down on and frowned upon. Having firsthand knowledge of what it's like to feel rejected and unaccepted as a former foster child, female trucker and entrepreneur, in 2021, I founded Trucking in High Heels. (TIHH) to provide a safe-haven, resources, empowerment, inspiration, and education to aspiring female entrepreneurs and females interested in the trucking industry. 

​As a former foster child I favor the underdogs and have love for women, children and at risk youth. I will teach and help women from all walks of life learn about entrepreneurship, contracting and the trucking industry. I will also teach them how to become van-trucking owner operators and or partners.

​TIHH takes pride in coaching women and entrepreneurs on how to earn six figures in business or in the transportation industry!

My eagerness, community- driven mindset, determined personality has propelled me to learn how to scale, build, and grow my small businesses. It is my GOD given purpose to help others succeed.

I get excited when I hear other women share their passion and love for entrepreneurship. “My antenna goes up”

At TIHH, I will share my specialized knowledge, with others about the transportation industry and entrepreneurship. I believe entrepreneurship sisterhood is important and that together we as women can build empires and legacy for generations to come with guidance and the proper resources.


Sisterhood can bridge the gender gap within entrepreneurship.

Together we will Keep Trucking Babes!


Anthony Bailey brings over 15 years of merchandising and warehouse experience, working with vendors such as Menards, Cisco, Kraft and M&M. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, he attended Tulsa Community College and studied business management. During his time in college, he catered events for several colleges in the surrounding area. Certified as a food handler, Anthony has always dreamed of opening his own family restaurant establishment. Anthony is passionate about helping people and serving his community. He is presently the Fleet Manager and handles operations for CTMH Transportation & Ma Maw's Kitchen LLC.


Christopher Martin brings over 8 years of restaurant experience. He spent most of his younger years working at Rib Inn and Allison BBQ, both based in Chicago, Illinois. Christopher learned how to cook, prep and work the cash register for both establishments.

Christopher also has several years of management experience, including previously working as a manager at CDT Transportation LLC in Chicago, Illinois for over 15 years. 

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